Lymphedema disorder is caused by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the intercellular tissue, causing swelling in the arms, legs and trunk.

What are the types of lymphedema?

Primary Lymphedema;  It occurs due to structural deficiency or impairment of lymph vessels.

Secondary Lymphedema; Lymphatic system is caused by surgery, radiotherapy, infection, or damage.

Causes of Lymphedema Disorder?

Taking lymph nodes by surgery,
Trauma or injury,
Infection caused by insect bites or abrasions,
Blocking of lymph flow by tumor,
Radiotherapy applications.

Symptoms of Lymphedema Disorder

Feeling of weight in the arms / legs,
Limitation of joint movements,
Skin dryness, tension,
Drowsiness and hardening,
Sensory disorders,
Joint stiffness in hand / foot,
Susceptibility to infection,
Decrease in the mobility of the fingers / toes,
Accessories such as rings and watches are narrow.

Purpose of the Treatment of Lymphedema Disorder

Preventing the formation of lymphedema,
Preventing the increase of swelling,
To reduce the swelling,
Increased lymphatic circulation in edematous limb and leg and distribution of accumulated protein,
Prevent the occurrence and recurrence of infection.

What is the treatment?

Skin Care,
Manual Lymph Drainage (Lymphedema Massage),
Compression Bandage (Lymphedema Bandage),
Kinesio Tape Taping.

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