The most common cause of shoulder pain is muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue damage. This occurs as a result of the impacts on the area, reverse movements or overloading the shoulder. Pain in the neck area of ​​the nerve compression can hit the shoulder. Among the more serious causes of shoulder pain; There are problems in some organs in the spinal cord, heart, lung and stomach region.

Collarbone Fracture: Blowing or falling on the collarbone may cause fracture of the bone.

Bursitis: Swelling and stiffness of the ‘bursa’ sac found on the joints that acts as a cushion may cause shoulder pain.

Scapula Fracture: A shoulder blade fracture may cause severe pain in the shoulder. The shoulder blade needs a strong impact to break.

Forced Tendons: Tendons supporting the shoulder, called the ‘rotator cuff’, may be hurt by heavy lifting, exercises, in particular sports involving the throwing of something. As a result, pain can occur when the shoulder is moved.

Shoulder Separation: The bond between the bridge bone (clavicle) and the scapula may be stretched or torn as a result of the impact.

Spinal Injury: Injuries from the head and spine can cause pain in the shoulders. These pains are usually accompanied by muscle spasms in the shoulder and neck.

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