Alexander Teknik

This technique emerged after a long period of self-monitoring by the Australian actor Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) as a result of his dismissal on the stage and the inability of doctors to cure him. Later, this technique gave positive results to other artists and caused rapid expansion of the technique in the international arena.

After years of work, he developed his perception of his body’s kinesthetic (physical intelligence, ability to exhibit activities for a particular purpose by combining body and mind with excellent physical performance), succeeded in using it more accurately and his distress related to his voice ended. His chronic diseases other than his vocalities, which he has throughout his life, have disappeared as a result of proper use of his body. Together with his brother Albert Redden Alexander, he spent six years teaching in Sydney to teach this technique.

Many pain in the body is actually associated with the posture in a short time. When nothing is done about it, it becomes increasingly chronic. By using the body in a balanced and natural way, pain can be prevented and deformation can be opposed. The real task of pain is to warn us that something is wrong in the body. This technique can be used to prevent many chronic pain and disability in the future.

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