For the diagnosis and treatment of the jaw joint, temporomandibular joint disorders, it is absolutely necessary to examine a physician. During a period of human life, there is a discomfort in the jaw joint (temporomandibular). Chin joint disorders are caused by the uncorrect functioning of the joints and muscles that connect the upper and lower jaws. The most common symptom of the jaw joint disorder is the pain and crunch in the jaw joint and chewing muscles.

Treatment Methods

In the treatment of jaw joint, non-surgical therapies should be tried first. Soft foods should be consumed first, joint rest should be tried, medication and physical therapy should be applied to reduce pain and muscle spasms. If these methods have been tried but not complained, a surgeon should be examined.

Surgical intervention may be necessary in patients who do not regress with symptoms in 3-6 months. In the case of jaw joint disorders, only 5% of the patients undergo surgery. It occurs mostly in young and middle ages. The incidence is higher in women.


  • Improper opening of the mouth
  • Pain and sound in the jaw joint during eating
  • Head and ear pain
  • Locking or plugging jaw
  • Changes in jaw movements and tenderness in the jaw muscles
  • In more advanced cases, it is manifested by symptoms such as the formation of joint pain and inability to mouth movements even when talking, except when eating.


  • Continuous teeth squeezing and gnashing at night (bruxism)
  • Posture disorders, head and shoulders leading positions
  • Jaw closure disorders, missing tooth, high fill
  • Dental diseases and one-sided chewing
  • Stress, sadness
  • An accident of jaw fractures and head, neck and jaw traumas
  • Nail eating, stretching, chewing gum, breathing out of mouth
  • Congenital disorders
  • Rarely, it may sometimes be a symptom of diseases such as tumors, infections and rheumatism.

The primary treatment approach for the treatment of jaw joint diseases is non-surgical (conservative) treatment. In this treatment approach, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory drugs and splint application can be used.

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