Burak Yilmaz wants private physiotherapist from Turkey!

From the Super Toto Super League teams Osmanlıspors head of the health department Exp. Dr Savaş Kudaş,who has done the first checks , has given information, in Ankara,  about national footballer  Burak Yılmazs, who was injured in his team’s camp in Dubai, health status .

Kudaş mentioned that Burak, who has transferred from China to Galatasaray, has a second degree tear in his right upper muscle. He used the following statements.

‘’Burak, came to Ankara from Dubai. We did the first checks here. Then he went to Istanbul to see his family. He will return to Dubai tomorrow or monday. We plan on for him returning to the fields after 3-4 weeks. I gave Burak a program, the treatment will last 3-4 weeks. His team doctors will continue to treat him in Dubai. We’ll check it out again in case of a trouble.’’Kudaş said that Burak Yılmaz wants to take Erdem Yörükoğlu, who they work together in ‘’Medifit Healthy Life’’ clinic, to China .”Erdem has a going situation, but it is not clear,” he said.’’ He wants Erdem Yörükoğlu to accompany him constantly as a private physiotherapist for all health-related problems. It’s not just about this treatment. We will sit down and decide as clinic.We will plan both Burak’s offer and our own situation.’’

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