“Soccer, Science and Health” Symposium in Gaziantep

Football which Turkey sees greatest interest in was discussed in many ways  and the contributions of health and science on sport was talked in the symposium which has been done in Sanko Schools Abdulkadir Konukoğlu Cultural Center. The symposium has been done with the support of Sanko University Sani Konukoğlu Application and Research Hospital and with the coorperation of Gazişehir Gaziantep Football Club, Association of Sports Physiotherapists and Turkey Football Federation.


On the first day of two-day symposium a panel was made with the subject ‘’ Football in Turkey Current Approach’’.  To the panel which was moderated by Sanko University Faculty of Health Sciences  Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department  head  Prof. Dr. Nevin Ergun ; Mayor of Gaziantep Fatma Şahin, Gazişehir Gaziantep Chairman of the Board of Directors Adil Sani Konukoğlu, Rector of Sanko University Prof. Dr. Güner Dağlı, Turkey Football Federation Honorary Member of the Board of Health Prof. Dr. Mehmet Binnet, Sports Writer Ömer Üründül, Erdem Yörükoğlu, Dr. Gürhan Dönmez and  Gürkan Günaydın attended. In the symposium, Rector Dağlı said that they were in search of scientific studies related to sports. “We are in search of scientific studies about sports. We continue to work to get the results of studies on this issue by making it more efficient, “he said. Ömer Üründül, a sports writer who conveys his observations in the past, said: “In my youth, the fields were bad and bad injuries were caused. Sports media is very important, changes occur much from the point of view of the media. Injury in the event, it can take a late recovery of muscle problems experienced in the field, but if the media reflects that in a different way the audience think why doesn’t  he play if he recovered.’’

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